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Sean and Debbie are seasoned real estate professionals who truly believe their value to their clients has to be earned every day and know that the reputation they keep is only as good as their last client’s experience.  “Our commitment to our clients’ needs and welfare is all that lasts when the job is completed.  Our successes don’t mean anything until the clients know they can trust us.  We are committed to never taking our clients’ sacred bond of trust for granted.  Our philosophy of business is to exceed our client’s expectations.”  We have never believed that specializing in a single segment of the market was beneficial to our clients, but rather adapting to the changing market conditions and needs of their clients.  Our business has been almost exclusively referral and repeat clients for many years.  The formula that has led to our success is an extensive knowledge of current market conditions and listening closely to what our clients are ultimately trying to achieve. 

Sean and Debbie live in Cherry Hills and have two children, Kaitlin and Connor.  Having children themselves, and working with numerous families with young children has made them extraordinarily knowledgeable about the various school systems in the Denver area. They welcome the opportunity to discuss a family’s educational goals simultaneously to their wants and needs in terms of a new home.

Closing on a property is just one step in the process.  We aim to make our clients not just transactional, but rather partners and friends in an ongoing relationship.   We have extensive experience in construction, remodeling, servicing, and design.  Any time we can be of assistance, we are there for our clients.

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